Friday, September 15, 2006

Command and Control

We had a guest speaker for last evening.Colonel Pat Stogran from the Canadian army gave a presentation on military operations management (called command and control) based upon his experiences in Afghanistan.I enjoyed his talk.

3 years ago an incident took place when US planes fired upon and killed 4 Canadian soldiers.Col Stogran was the commanding officer at the time. He gave us rare insights into the effectiveness of directive versus directed command.
Some takeaways from his presentation.

Road Map to Leadership-Enhanced Command
1.Know Yourself

2.Value Others

3.Aim High

4.Celebrate Success,even in failure

5.Be brilliant at the basics


7.Don't run, it will worry the troops

8.Reflect actively

9.Live to learn.

10.Lead in life.

Leadership is an art of command.It involves action,relationship,vision and experimentations.
Management is the science of commandIt involves planning,designing,directing, supervising

He also talked about Situational Leadership


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