Saturday, May 20, 2006

Suits - Powerful, Authoritative and Sexy

( Larry Rosen with program director Shannon Goodspeed )

On May 20th, we had Larry Rosen, the Chairman & CEO, Harry Rosen Inc,Canada's premiere men's wear retailer take a 2 hr session for us on how to dress well for success !As promised, here are the key learnings from the talk given by Larry .

There are different work environments but there are some general rules for business wear.
"Men look powerful, authoritative and sexy with a suit on",states Larry.

Malcolm Gladwell in the book Blink states that people take a decision, form an impression in a blink/seconds. ! So, ensure that you dress well.

Buying a suit
If you don't have much money to invest on a wardrobe, the first suit that you buy should be a Navy blue or a Black suit. This should be of mid weight wool (9 ounces).Should one buy a 2 button or 3 button suit. ? It hardly matters. What is important is the fit. However, the younger men opt for the 2 button style.

The second suit that you buy for your self should be a basic navy (if you have bought a black
one earlier ) or a gray colored one.

The third suit could be a gray one or a navy with stripes. The fourth could be a mid blue color one.

Remember, the objective is to build a ward robe without making a big hole in your pocket. The above suit colors are the primary ones. You can get a variety of looks by trying different options (changing the shirts)

Maintenance of the suit
Do not wear suit on 2 consecutive days. Give at least a day’s break so that the suit gets back to life. Dry clean them as little as possible;chemicals decrease their life of suits.
Do Iron them to avoid crease marks. Hang them when not using them. If you are traveling, avoid packing a suit. Wear it to the plane and hang it once you are in the aircraft. Remember, you want to take good care of it as ou want the suit to last long.

If you want to buy a blazer, go for a navy blue one. A gray trouser with that would look classy. The blazer is essentially a bridge between the suit and the business casual.

Business Casual
Business Casual needs to have a sports jacket. Remember, Business casual is not a weekend wear.

The first pair of shoes should be a black one. A brown one looks beautiful, imaginative and has elegance. Shine the shoes frequently. Their life increases. Which type of shoe (round,pointed) to buy hardly matters. What is important is the convenience.

Socks should match the trouser’s color and NOT the shoes.

Belt should match with the shoes’ color. So, if you are wearing a brown belt, you should have put on brown shoes.

Tie should be just touching the tip of your belt.

Larry recommends French cufflinks if you want to. However, if you are a frequent air traveler, you'll have to remove them every time you undergo security check.

A few more tips
Experiment with different colors of shirt. Color for men in shirts is what jewellery is to

It is okay to wear a checked shirt with a suit!

Fashion is important..but comfort is crucial. !!


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