Thursday, May 18, 2006


The clubs at Queen's MBAst are up and running. We have various clubs who are in full action these days. Knowledge is being shared, guest speakers are being invited, field trips are being organized..Name it and itz happening !. The Marketing club, finance club, consulting club ,Oil and Gas club, Bio Pharma club have the maximum participants.The discussion board at the student portals for these clubs are getting busier and itz great to see plans, vision being chalked out. Talk about team work and this is the best example of that.!

The workload is increasing and one can watch students working till the late hours on assignments and presentation at their offices in the school.So,it was time for the Energy Bar to get active. Energy bar is a concept that truly amazes me. If one is hungry and is working late and feels that convenience stores are too far away, one can just grab something from the ENERGY BAR at the student lounge! Everything's been set up and laid out in the student lounge along with the check off list on the fridge. The way the Energy Bar works is that one can grab anything he wants (Soda,chips,cookies,noodles etc) and just checks off the number of items that he took from the list.!The whole concept is based on needs,trust and faith.

The Fit to Lead program is another interesting feature at Queen's.Thursdays are dedicated to fitness. If we had stretching sessions (with music) in between the classes on one thursday, we had beach volleyball games today for the folks interested. A personal fitness assessment test has also been allocated for every student (for free!). I have my assesment assigned early next month.

The Dean Dr.David M. Saunders addressed the class today. He has a very interesting profile. He is currently the Chair of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans, and a Board member of AACSB International and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).He is also the co-author of the world’s three largest selling negotiation textbooks. The best part of the talk was that he wanted us to ask questions.So, the student's talked about the growth and positioning of the MBAst program etc and he shared his views. An interesting information was that he was in India last year and has signed a deal with two leading Indian Business Schools this year - ISB and MDI.!!

A long weekend is coming soon. Monday is a holiday here. We have a Long Weekend Lunch planned tomorrow that is hosted by the school for the students. There is also a team based presentation contest 'Strut your stuff'.

The most interesting part for tommorow is that we will have Larry Rosen, the Chairman & CEO, Harry Rosen Inc,Canada's premiere men's wear retailer taking a 2 hr session for us on how to dress well for success !

Watch this space tomorrow for some fashion tips in the biz world !


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