Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Point 4 Club
Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Stats, Micro economics - The classes for the past few days have been very hectic. There have been moments in the class where I have done the reading and grasped what was taught at the session, and there have been days when I realized that I have a lot to catch up .
Today was thursday and there is some reading to be done for tommorow's class. But most of the students in the class today did not go back home to study after the session.Instead, we all met up at 'Lone Star Texas Grill' for the "Point 4" ritual.It was good fun.
Point 4 "club" was formed in the inaugural year of the MBA program when an instructor theorized that the most one could hope to improve one’s academic standing in the program by staying home to study versus going “out on the town” one night a week to socialize with fellow students is 0.4%. It has since become an integral social tradition of Queen’s MBA for Science & Technology, and the graduates stage frequent “Point Four” Club reunions in various locations throughout the world.There were a few pictures taken. I'll share them with you all soon.

I'll get back to books as I need to do some reading for a class tommorow morning.Good Night !


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