Thursday, May 04, 2006

Case studies, discussions and brain storming sessions leave you exhausted.
Classes from 8.30 to 10.00 pm perhaps sap the energy out of you.
And your real self comes out.Thatz exactly what the Queen's Team Facilitator wanted.

Over the past 2 days, 6 sets of strangers had been put in as a team.Through various exercises, activities,we were asked to get introduced to each other.After more than 2 days of rigrous classes,case studies, brain storming sessions, the different teams at Queen's MBA program have come out with a Mission statement for their team, the goals for their team and lastly the norms that they would follow in the team.All this was was formed after a consensus among the team members after taking inputs from everyone. For a year from now, we will work on assignments and presentations and the success of the team will determine the success of ours.
This two day Career Advantage Program was taught by an excellent faculty Shawna O'Grady,
BTW, each of us were allocated an office yesterday.How does the office look like?
Herez a picture.
A team room of the MBAst Student at the Queen's School of Business

A few learnings:
-You have two chances of building a strong team without communication: Slim and None
-When you think of confrontation,you shouldn't cringe
-Team work is a journey,not a destination
-3 common areas of conflict : Expectations,Equity,Exhaustion

Here is a picture of the Indians from the Queen's MBA st Class of 2007


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