Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rude Brood

People relieving themselves on the streets, spitting, picking their noses, scratching their rears, and underarms is a common sight in the country. Even a man driving an expensive car will roll down the windows to spit. Do you feel that this is a common sight ?Increasing urbanization has brought in a lot of changes.

As common courtesies get increasingly uncommon, The Sunday Times of India carried an interesting special report on April 23rd on India's Rude Brood. Based on the poll, the rudest city in India is Patna. The second spot goes to the commercial hub of India- Mumbai, and the third to the capital city- Delhi.

The article states that Bad manners have indeed become the hallmark of a hurry-up world where no one has the time to hold doors open or wait for people to get off the train/bus/elevator before shoving their way in. The patience threshold has become really low . So, the trend is evident in the country.

"Gross" Domestic Product
Rudeness Index- Rankings based on Times of India response
1.Using abusive language
2.Drinking and misbehaving
3.Lewd behavior with women
4.Spitting in Public places
5.Picking Nose
6.Obscene gestures
7.Lighting in 'No smoking' zones
8.Breaking Queues
10.Jostling People
11.Noisy neighbours
13.Loud behavior
14.Talking Loudly on cell phone
15.Uninvited guests

Questions you might not like you when a stranger asks:
-What is your age?
-Are you married?
-Have kids or not?
-Why don't you have kids?
-Your monthly income?

You are a techno pest if you
-Force strangers to listen to your lengthy cell phone conversations.
-Break off a conversation so you answer your cell
-Don't begin emails with a "Hello"
-SNSN while talking to someone
-Don't acknowledge emails,SMS whenever needs information you requested.Jokes don't need an answer so don't waste money.


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