Monday, May 01, 2006

Explore the University

I am still awe-struck by the beauty of the university. Even if one reads the prospectus of the University,one will not get an idea about how big and beautiful the campus is. The Ontario Lake is closeby. There are students of different nationalities all around here.There is a University Pub.A Physical education center has everything you could ask for(It has 8 squash courts!!).Graduate Club is a pub and restaurant, and has been the home of many “Point Four” evenings over the years. They have many events throughout the year, including live bands, jazz nights, open-mike nights, beer/wine tasting, martini nights, and sports events on their big-screen TV.Then therez Tim Hortons and Starbucks in the University area.An international center exists to help the foreign students.
In short,just name it and you have things here.

I went for a walk with Ashok and Sameer( two of my classmates) and we clicked a few pictures.

Here they go:
Queen's Library

JDUC Center

(My room is in the 4th Floor)

Coffee House at Ground Floor

Queen's Pub

The Lounge at JDUC


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