Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Help

The blogger community requests you to extend your support and assistance to those affected by the tsunami waves.

How can you help?
Visit this blog

What is a reasonable contribution?

Simple tables to steer your generosity and kindeness, if you wish to contribute funds to government and non-government organisations helping in rehabilitation and relief efforts following natural and other calamities.

When we make contributions in cash, we must each decide how large a sum we should donate, according to the ongoing constraints imposed by our normal lives. Money is a means to some security, no doubt, but equally, it is also an important means to restoring security when it is lost.

In the table (refer link),we have listed a single day's earning for different income levels; please use this to compute what appropriate contribution (a day's wage, a week's, or a month's etc.) you can make. The information is independent of currency, simply make the donation in the same currency as the one you earn in, using these numbers.


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