Monday, December 20, 2004

Phew ! What a relief

Pour some Beer.
Open the Champagne.
Pass the Tequila.

Yes ! Finally,some good news before the year ends. Iam a relieved man today.
I completed the formalities in 2 days and applied for this program
And here Iam...I receieved an admission offer today.

Yo folks..Muah got an admission to the Master of Information Systems Management program at Carnegie Mellon.And they have offered me a scholarship too!

I just followed the instructions given by S and I got an admit. Thanks S.You are the girl, a true friend.But,she says that I should bargain for more. :(
Till yday I did not have an admission and now I am asking for more.He he he !
Anyway,it is 01.30 PM and I feel so relieved to get this email.

I have loads of work to do in office.But I feel light and energized.
So will finish that and read the offer letter again and again.
But whatever it is, if ISB accepts me there is no second thought as to which place I'll be going.
ISB ...Take me...I wanna return to my Desh...Swades..!!

Dear XXXXX :

On behalf of the Admission Selection Committee, it is my great pleasure to
offer you admission to the Master of Information Systems Management program
at Carnegie Mellon, beginning May 2005. As you may know, admission to
Carnegie Mellon is very selective, due to our high admissions standards,
the significant number of talented students who apply, and limited class
size. You have been chosen as a result of your notable accomplishments,
both academic and non-academic, and we sincerely hope you will accept our
offer of admission.

Based on your professional work experience, you will not be required to
complete the new internship requirement. You are invited to begin the
program in the summer semester beginning in May 2005. You will be able to
complete the MISM degree in three consecutive semesters (graduating in May
2006). It is not possible to complete the MISM degree in three consecutive
semesters if you elect to begin the program in the fall semester.

You have also been awarded a MISM scholarship of $2,000 for your first
semester. This scholarship is renewable for your remaining two semesters
of study, contingent on your continued high academic performance.

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Master of Information Systems
Management program. The faculty and administration join me in welcoming
you to Carnegie Mellon and look forward to meeting with you in the near

Yours truly,

Director of Admissions


At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool buddy...Congrats..atleast you have something in your kitty now..

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Metal said...

Congrats buddy ..use this new found confidence to ace ur ISB interview.Time to have some champagne.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger swarna said...



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