Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Another Interview at Chennai

"Interview went well.. was for abt. 30 mins.. and panel
composition admissions-diro n manager n an alumnus.

I dont have a gr8 amt. of work exp. behind me... they
asked me abt. my btech/IIT/projects/job etc., then,
DRDO experiences n why am I working in consultancy now
which is non-techie.... i am enjoying the present work
n job - why ISB? Why not IIM? Q's n discussion on
future career goals... how wud ISB fit in to the
scheme of things.. any questions for ISB?

This was the major chunk of the discussion.. I
remember these things rite now.. I'd drop in a line or
two if something else comes to my mind. You can send
me a mail for any specifics or gimme ur contact no.
sothat I can call u up sometime n discuss/chat.

All the best people... just remain cool n composed
before n during the intv.. They just want to know you
better. Dont stress up much, be yourself and speak wat
u r..



At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dude, good for u the interview. However please give me an insight or your hindsight on what they were looking for and if they had any specific startegy fr you while interviewing. what was the tone etc. as per uou what were they looking for.

Will be very very thankful.

Ruchir shah


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