Sunday, December 19, 2004

A few more reasons for Why ISB? :)

We all do a through analysis of a School before applying to it.It is a case of the best fit for self.We also have our answers ready in case the adcom asks why that school.Yeah, I also have been preparing for my answers.

But I noticed something today.Once you make up your mind to apply to your dream school,the more you read about your school, the more it looks like the school is the right fit for you. Isn't it ?

So,on a lighter note,here are a few additional reasons (which I will be not be able to tell the adcom) on why I should be a part of the Indian School of Business.

1) A Squash Court
I have played Squash for over 8 years now.Here,in the United States, I play racquet ball.I learnt the game to loose some weight but could never suceed at it.However, I developed a strong liking for a game where you constantly hit a ball hard against the wall.
If I make it to ISB, MBA Dreamer and I can play this game on a regular basis.

2) Toastmasters International
I joined the club in Bangalore to improve myself. But having been associated with it since 2000 and being very active in the clubs in two different countries,I just can't live without it.The ISB Toastmaster is an active one and I hope to contribute a lot to it.

3) Hyderabad:
ISB is in Hyderabad. Am not from Andhra,nor did I do my engineering there.But having spent a lot of years there in different stages of life, I would love to return to the land.Paradise Biryani,the Alligator bowling competetion,the Outswinger Pub,Deccan Park,Drive thru Necklace road and
the Hyderabadi attitude is something I want to experience again.

4) Parties and Dunking:
Parties are a common scene at ISB. 'Dunking' is an ISB ritual! In fact, the Poseidon this year had a dunking event called "Torpedo" that created lots of interest. The objective was to throw a team member like a projectile into ISB's swimming pool. Imagine throwing someone into the pool...What fun! Iam all game for it.;)

5) Solsctice:
These guyz have been very helpful. In fact, I have mailed them a hazaar times and inspite of having a busy schdeule,they have always taken the pain to answer my questions. I have met only 3 of them. Am Hoping that I can catch these folks at the ISB Alumni meet- Solstice


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