Monday, December 27, 2004

Mera number kab aayega?

"Over seas candidates.....communication on short-listing by end December"

I was thinking about this yesterday evening and was wondering if I have missed the bus.Have the interview invites been sent and am I not in the list?The thought definitely made me anxious and restless.

Nah,Iam not scared of failure.What I want is a chance- an opportunity to prove myself. I don't mind loosing coz I have worked hard and believe that whatever happens now will happen for good.

I realized that Iam not the only one who is going through all these jitters. Dip was the first person to send an email to the group today morning expressing his anxiety and then everyone in US and Europe started responding.Spoke to K and chatted with MBA04. Everyone seems to be going thru the same experience.

Spoke to Dip in the evening..a nice friendly guy,generates a lot of warmth and affection.MBADreamer was busy and couldn't chat much with him.He is from Chennai and is disturbed by the Tsunami waves incident.A very tragic incident.I hope things get better in SE Asia.

In the afternoon, spoke to K. During the conversation, we realized that both of us are from the same state and he turns out be one of my cousin's best buddies.

I have realized one thing.The next batch of ISB will be very competetive and of high quality.Each of them has something in them to contribute to the class.

Folks,The interview invites for overseas should be going out soon.To all those who are waiting to hear from the adcom and are reading my story,my best wishes are with you all.If you have been true to urself and given the best,Iam sure u'll receive an interview invite soon and get into your school.

Metal is busy working on his ISB applications and I wish him all the best. He works for the same organization as mine,so I have a soft corner for him.:)

BTW, here is a new blog from another ISBian.Check it out.He writes under the name Chanakya and Iam adding his link .

Good night, Sleep well and check ur email first thing tomm morning .


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the was a nice chat...I enjoyed it..Dip

At 1:00 AM, Blogger Metal said...

Thanks for the wishes bro..good luck to you to for the interview invite and the subsequent interview.Wish we could all get wud so much fun.


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