Friday, December 24, 2004

Wake Up and get Going!!

I seem to be loosing focus these days.Focus on what I want- Prep for the ISB interview has been pathetic. It started on a high note and then became lazy after hearing that the interview for overseas candidates will be held in Jan.
Earlier, I used to prepare for the ISB interview or I atleast thought about some possible question and itz answers.But since the CMU news has arrived, I seem to be taking it easy.
Damn me ! Iam angry with myself for this.The shortlisting for overseas candidates start next week and if I get shortlisted,it will be less than a week before I face the adcom.And because the GMAT score is low,the interview should go good.

Itz like in Cricket. When you have a low score to defend, you have to make sure that you bowl out the other team.A lower run rate is not going to help.The interview team can just about ask me anything.

I seem to be enjoying the white christmas (itz snowing for the past 2 days) and busy attending parties.Christmas party at the my client's place..My roomates farewell party....My friends house warming party.

This is not good...No not good at all.Get back on track dude.There is time for all this -Just focus on the goal.So, get back into that mode,force yourself and go for it.
Even if I loose a battle,I will be convinced only if I have given my best fight.Otherwise,I won't forgive myself.C'mon boy.Ready..steady..Go.

C'mon brother...Just keep reminding what you always believe in
(Yes..itz from a favorite movie of mine.)

Two mice fell into a bucket of cream. One gave up and drowned. The other paddled so hard that he churned the cream into butter and walked out of the bucket.

I am that second mouse

You gotta do it !!


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