Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Celebrations

This Friday (15th December) was the last working day of 2006.
We also had our last negotiation and conflict management class. The teams were expected to come up with presentations on various cross cultural negotiation topics. It was a great session. We had presentations on negotiation styles in various countries (China, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Russia etc).One thing that really caught my attention was the importance given to punctuality .For a few countries, meetings start right on time, and for the other countries , meetings start when every body is present.!

After the class, we had Christmas celebrations .We had the Secret Santa gift exchange, which was a lot of fun. The folks ( read the gals) in our class came up with a slideshow video on how the year was for us. The slide show video shows how classmates from different parts of the world met for the first time, behaved well and then showcased their true self. ! A Year in review of the MBA program at the Queen's School of Business.

Watch it here!

Some pics from the session:


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