Monday, December 18, 2006

A few Indian students have been emailing me since today morning. They have been offered an admission. Heartiest Congratulations to them.!!

I am aware that for an Indian student who has not been to Queen's and has not seen how it is here, there are bound to be a lot of questions. Some of the admitted students have offers from other B-schools and are in a dilemma where to join.

At this moment, I would like to reiterate some things that I have been telling these students.Think about your long term objective while deciding on the school. You are investing a year of your life and a big amount and would want the maximum returns for that. Check if the schools that you have got admitted to are offering what you want.

I will not be able to compare schools in India, UK, and USA with the Canadian Schools for you and help you with your decision.

Some of the things that I like about Queen's:
  • Small Class size
  • Focus on different teaching methods (Case method, class room, field study)
  • Intense work pressure (brings the best in you)
  • Team Based Learning model (Wait till u come here ..You will redefine what team work means!)
  • Great Faculty who are always accessible ( Prof Paul Roman, Ken Wong, Peter Sephton)
  • Diversity in the class(More than15 different countries..From Sierra Leone to Japan)
  • Competitive yet healthy class environment
  • Superior customer service (I love the MBAst office for this)

Some one asked me if I am happy with the decision that I took by joining Queen's University. The answer is a BIG yes.I got back to school after 6 years. The last few months have been hectic. I have been subjected to severe work load, intense pressure and a lot of uncertainties. But I am glad that I came to Queen’s. I am really enjoying my experience here!

Good Luck with your decision! I hope you do well in life no matter which school you join. And if you are coming to Queen's, welcome aboard.!


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Well Said Dear.


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