Friday, December 15, 2006


( My team during the Q&A session)

We all know that the BRIC report predicts that India and China would emerge as the major economies of the world by 2050.With a GDP increase of more than 8%, both the countries have been making policies, setting up infrastructure and creating the right business environment for investors.

'India on the move' and 'China-The best place to invest' were the two powerful presentations delivered by two teams before we all leave for the holiday break this stage.

We had a contest (debate) on which country was better for investment. We had to talk about the strengths of each country and how it was addressing the concerns .

I was the team lead for showcasing China and over the past several days have done so much research on China that I felt very well prepared. The team from India too came out with an exciting presentation.

After the presentations and Q&A session, the class was asked to vote for the country where they would like to invest their money. Although, every one was confident that China was the best place to invest in the short term, they felt that the growth was unsustainable. Majority of the votes went to India.

One of the voters in his secret ballot had written that he/she would put the money in Chindia.It was one of the best presentation that I ever gave at the MBA program. It was a tough project that involved a lot of research, presentation practice and answering tough questions..But I enjoyed every bit of it.

International Business is one of my favorite subjects and I for sure enjoyed working on this assignment. There were 4 prospective students including 3 chinese attending the class that day and they too enjoyed the presentations.

Both the teams got a A+ in the presentations ( content + delivery)


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good post, detailing on what goes on inside Queens.

One question, are you allowed to click photos when in the class?

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous help me with chemistry said...

There would favorably be more of the concerns and values for the students which one must needed to regard about and hopefully these would even proved to be much better.


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