Thursday, November 30, 2006

Queen's University joins iTunes U

Queen's University located in Kingston has become the first Canadian university to launch iTunes U, a Web application that offers up a wide range of download-able multimedia files to the university community as well as anyone else seeking a "taste of the university experience."

The now-portable aspects of life on campus will include audio versions of public lectures, videos of debates, football games, convocation ceremonies and even archival footage of the original live version of the university mascot Boo-Hoo the Bear.

While much of the initial content is being supplied by CFRC (101.9 FM), Tom Dean, an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will be the first to make his Operating Systems course lectures and labs available through iTunes U so that students can listen to them at their leisure, the University said.

"Queen's on iTunes U is an amazing foundation from which we can share a seemingly limitless amount of university audio and video content," says Richard Seres, executive director of Marketing and Communications. "It not only allows us to share news and information across the campus, but also to show off Queen's to the world."

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