Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wii want to have fun!

During the marketing class today, Ken Wong, the Marketing Prof asked some of the students their comments on gaming consoles. One of the students ( Father of 3 kids) was not in favor of such activities as there is no physical exercise. He would instead want children to go out and play and become more social. Definitely valid points!

Another class mate of mine is from the Video Games industry. He loves the field and said that for him gaming consoles is FUN.

Well, Nintendo is all set to release its next-generation gaming console Wii and the reviews have been great. It might just turn out to be the next revolution.

Some points in itz favor are the $250 price tag and is fun!
Forbes has a great review on it. Read it here

Some interesting comments;
"Suddenly, videogames are fun for everyone--old or young, male or female, regardless of prior gaming experience. I lost count of how many times I heard non-gamers say, "Wow, I want to get this."

"The simple mini-game replicates an actual tennis match as well as any I've ever seen: Since you're actually swinging the remote like you would a racket, you can hit with varying force or apply spin to the ball, depending on how you move your body."


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