Thursday, November 09, 2006

From Singapore to Dubai?

The MBAst Office has organized a guided tour and dinner at Fort Henry today.
I am traveling to Boston and will have to miss this event ! :(

The International business subject is becoming really interesting. I am liking this class for a number of reasons. There is a lot of current affairs in it. There is a lot of readings and we talk about the various non-market strategy that companies employ to do well. We also discuss about economies of various eccountries, and kind of do a SWOT analysis on them. Today's class had a discussion on Singapore where one of the teams gave a 25 minute presentation on how inspite of being a small country with little natural resources, Singapore has become competetive. With the Chinese and the Indian economy growing, Singapore has moved to a stage of innovation. A lot of focus is now on the Bio Tech and the Hi-Tech sector.

What makes these classes really interesting is the class discussion that is generated. With folks from 15 different countries in the class, one really gets to hear different views. If, we have a Phd reseracher who has worked in Singapore giving his views, we also have a person from Hong Kong sharing his thoughts on how Singapore is different from the other SE Asian countries.We also had a person from the Middle East who talked about how Dubai is a competitor to Singapore.

Class diversity adds great value to these discussions. Future cases would be on Brazil,Nigeria, India, China, Canada, US etc. My team is going to talk about "Why China is a good place to invest" instead of India. There would be a small competition with the other team that would talk about "Why investing in India is a better decision". The class will then vote after our presentation and decide where they would want to invest their money.!


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