Saturday, October 28, 2006

Reflections - IT Journal

At the end of ten classes of “Managing Information Technology”, I realized that it is the leadership in the organization that can make a BIG difference to an organization.IT can only serve as an enabler. The right processes, system and the application of knowledge would be of no use if the leader sitting at the top of a pyramid in the organization cannot create an impact.
I also learnt that the IT puzzle primarily comprised of 4 stages: -the Organization, Architecture, Implementation and Outsourcing and as a future manager I need to understand this puzzle well.

In today’s competitive environment, organizations simply imitate the technology used by the market leader hoping that they would replicate the results. There is no justification done or a need for a business case done. The most important lesson is that as a manager I first need to define the problem, analyze the situation before taking any decision. I should avoid taking any drastic decisions or hope that IT can solve the problem. There might be instances when communication, strategy, vision or expectations is the underlying problem and a manager might overlook that and use IT to solve the problem. Success will hardly be achieved this way.

To summarize, the IT course has made me aware of three things that are most important while managing Information Technology – Right Leadership, Sound Strategy and an effective project management.The real challenge for me begins when I graduate from this program. I will be tested at every stage to stop for a second, think about these take aways before making any decision related to IT in business.


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