Thursday, October 12, 2006

Queen's is No 1 - The Best remains the best

The Business Week Ranking of MBA schools 2006 is out and once again
the Queen's MBA program is No 1 in the International Segment
( Outside the United States).

Queen's maintains its dominance for the 2006 rankings!!

The new rankings for 2006:

#1 Queen's
#2 Ivey (Western)
#3 Rotman ( Toronto )
#4 IMD
#5 LBS
#9 Shulich (York)
#10 HEC Montreal


This is what Business Week has to say about Queen's:

How does Queen's do it? For starters, it divides students into groups of five or six
"participants," with each group consisting of several different personality types and
nationalities so that conflict is almost guaranteed. Unlike most B-schools, where new teams
form for each class, Queen's students belong to a single team for the whole program,
much as they would on the job. Each team is assigned to a 15-by-20-foot "office" where
each student has a cubicle and is expected to keep office-like hours. It's here that
students spend a majority of their non-class time, discussing projects and working
on assignments. And it's here where much of the magic happens. Students learn how
to work as part of a team--resolving differences and solving problems--in a way
that can't be taught in the classroom. "Students are treated like professionals,
and they're expected to treat it like a job," says Alan Ridgeway, a 2006 Queen's grad.

This experiment in reality learning has students and recruiters singing the school's
praises. But administrators aren't easing up. In late September, Dean David
Saunders announced plans for a curriculum redesign that will allow students to
customize their course loads based on their experience and career goals. For
Saunders, the decision to make the change was simply a question of listening
to the market. "We talked to employers and alumni and built off of their feedback," Saunders says


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