Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have arrived

A poem to think about ...Dr Bill Blake talked about this poem in the Leadership Class when he asked us not to "sweat the small stuff" and think about what is important in life.
This poem captures the dark side of white-collar success.

I Have Arrived
Natasha Josefowitz

I have not seen the plays in town
only the computer printouts

I have not read the latest books
only the Wall Street Journal

I have not heard the birds sing this year
only the ringing of phones

I have not taken a walk anywhere
but from the parking lot to my office

I have not shared a feeling in years
but my thoughts are known to all

I have not listened to my own needs
but what I want I get

I have not shed a tear in ages
I have arrived

Is this where I am going?


At 7:51 AM, Anonymous bhaskar said...

a thought-provoking poem...


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