Thursday, October 12, 2006

While hiring Consultants

The operations class today had a case study on Deloitte Consulting. As the on campus recruitment season is on and quite a few folks in the class are interested in Consulting after their MBA, there was a good discussion generated in the class.

Prof Roman initiated a discussion on “When and when not to use Consultants for your business.”

Some key notes to keep in mind while using Consultants for your business:

Consultant's should not be hired
- to rubber stamp decisions
- to act as referees
- to second guess your own people

While hiring Consultants,
-Make sure that everyone is in the loop- internal consensus
-You insist on custom made solution to your problem
- You nail down the scope
- Find out who's going to be on the team- theirs and yours
- Ask for Frequent updates
-Be prepared for internal skepticism /hostility
-Give them feedback-they want it
- Be prepared for their fee!


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