Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Ipod

i stands for Isolation
i stands for Iconic
i stands for Innovation

You are cool!
You are sexy !
You are compact.
You are something that every youngster should must have.

I never knew you could start a big revolution. A drink, a jeans, equipments and accessories - almost everything in the market has been released to compliment you. You symbolize a life style for the youth today.

You hold a special reputation in B Schools worldwide because you are often discussed in the Marketing class..or in the Strategy class. You are so young, yet you are so wise.

When I worked on a project for Apple last year for my past employer, I had never imagined that you had would make such a world wide impact.

You turn 5 today. Happy Birthday IPOD!
Enjoy your day

First iPod - 5GB (2001)
iPod video - 80GB (2006)
iPod Nano - 8 GB (2006)
iPod Shuffle 2GB (2006)
Apple has sold 68m iPods since 2001 (Source:
Piper Jaffray)
BBC has a article on you
Congratulations !


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