Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ice- Hockey

Canada is known for 2 things. One is the intense winter and the other is the ice-hockey craze. I have been experiencing the Canadian winter for the past few days (it is below 0 degree Celsius) and today I got a chance to see a hockey game too.

The MBAst office got tickets for us .... for a hockey match. I had never seen an ice-hockey game in my life and this was the first time I experienced such a game. As there are a lot of assignments due next week, the turn out was low. I really wanted to watch the game live and decided to take some time out of my schedule for the game. ( Besides that ,a close friend of mine too got a job we had to celeberate !)

The home team defeated the visitors by 6-2. Thanks to a few of my Canadian class mates, I could understand the rules of the games quickly.

Ice- Hockey is a very fast game and is fun to watch. When a few of the Indian folks in my class shared this opinion, a Canadian pal of mine remarked that it was for sure “faster than a 5 day cricket game”. ! Yeah, he is right.

Ice-hockey matches in Canada involve a lot of passion and excitement. One of the folks in the class was waiting for some “action” to occur between the players ...and with just about 5 minutes before the close of the third period, a few of the players got physical and had some heated arguments.!


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