Friday, December 08, 2006

An interesting assignment

The next week is very rigorous. We have tons of presentations and assignments due, but after that we all have a Christmas break from Dec 16 to Jan 08. There are a few assignments to be done during the break and some "catching up" to be done for some subjects but I can certainly take some time out to visit my friends in the US.

One of the assignments for the Business Strategy subject during the break is to read a book, reflect on it and pen our thoughts. The school has been generous enough to get the books for us for free (Talk about superior customer service!)

Here is the list from which we can choose the one that we want to read:

-Freakonomics (Levitt)
-Tipping Point (Gladwell)
-Moneyball (Lewis)
-Corossion of Character (Sennett)

I have read Tipping Point and have enjoyed the book. I have read some pieces from Freakonomics for the Microeconomics subject and really liked what I read. So, I’ll read the book during the break.

Here is the Freakonomics site.


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