Saturday, July 01, 2006

How much does Class diversity help?

People often wonder if diversity in a class is important. I think yes.
You get to hear different thoughts, ideas and views from people of different countries and backgrounds.

Herez an example to illustrate that. We discussed the Rober Mondavi Case in the Biz Strategy class where we examined the competitive challenges facing Robert Mondavi as the wine industry begins to consolidate globally.
The French classmate of ours had the final say in the class discussions. He talked about how good the french are in the business. The french grow wine at their back yards !. The Guy from New Zealand gave his views on what he thought about Fosters, an Australian company getting into the wine business. The lady from UK shared her thoughts on how the "old world" thinks about wine industry. The Chinese guy talks about the potential of wine market in China. Wine industry is a hit in China. The American guy comments on wines available in retail stores out there. The Canadians talk about where good wine is available in their country and I, as an Indian wonder if India has a potential for Wine Market ! :)
BTW, the Canada day long weekend is here. There are no classes on Monday. We have loads of assignments to be completed. Exams are due in 2 weeks. But, everyone wants to take some time off, recharge their batteries, have some fun and get back to books.
So, we are off to Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations. Watch this space for the pics.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Shankar Iyer said...

Nice post..made an intereting read...btw waiting for the pics to be uploaded..btw we have similar blogs...

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anti said...

Any thing that is good can also turn the other way around.. You need diversity yes but similar thoughts and ideas are needed to appreciate each other. For example it is very tought to explain a 3 day wedding to an American.... So while it can give you a good insight to the country it can also move the conversion to wilderness as people can loose it....

talk about Babe Ruth to an non American or talk to an American about Tendulkar.. Great sport men but your point may not be very well understood.

Fact - Unlikely people would have heard of yuengling beer the older brewery in the US.

These are just my thought that I decided to engrave


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