Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The HR and OB discussions sometime make you think hard. As managers, when we work on case studies, we are always bothered about the profits and numbers. But we don't realize that employee motivation, engagement and employee well being play critical roles in productivity.

When a class discussion happens and we talk about what an organization can do for the employee, a question often pops into my mind. How can an organization that has more than 50,000 employees create consistency and a feeling of care in the organization.

For example - When I had joined TCS at Hyderabad, we were about 700 employees. I knew a lot of folks personally. I felt I was a person, a part of the organization. There were things that were not right but then you felt connected to the company. Within 5 years, the employee strength increased to 5000.The delivery center was expanding, making profits but I guess the employees had started feeling that they were just a number, a head count in the organization. Managers leading teams can make a difference. They can give that personalized care and touch to the teams.

As rapid expansion happens in major IT companies , key challenges would be- Employee motivation, retention and productivity. Think about it.!


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