Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slow and steady does well in the race.Yes, that is what I have been reminding myself.

The Macroeconomics exam marks have come and I have not done as I had expected.I honestly feel that for an IT engineer like me who had no idea about Macroeconomics earlier ,the professor made a complex subject simple and easy to relate.

The fact that I am unable to get a good score in the exam does not do justice to the great teaching the Prof provides and my expectations for self.

Before anybody jumps to any conclusion, here is what I expect from the program. Nah, I am not gunning for a top grade in the class.I am not those "highly academic person" who wants the best grades.

Instead,I am one of those persons who wants to ensure that I live up to my potential. I want to focus on learning the concepts so that I can analyze events,activities in everyday life and make sound business decisions. I want the knowledge acquired in the classes to be applied to the challenges I will face in the business world. One of the key reasons for joining the MBA program was to equip myself with the tools to take on the business world. So, a takeaway from the Macroeconomics subject would be to understand how global events could impact the business.
I don't intend to become an economist ! :)

This was the first test the class had, so it was part of the "learning process" of getting back to writing exams.To be honest,for a few hours,I was a bit disappointed. More than being disappointed ,there was frustration coz I was under the impression that I was understanding the classes well and felt I had a good understanding of the subject.

I need to remember the Tortoise story every time I feel that I am losing track of things. After all, staying focused and working towards the goal will result in achieving my goal.


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