Saturday, June 17, 2006

The week that was:

A lot happened this week. We had the statistics test. This was followed by assignment submissions. A few teams gave presentations. And then on thursday and friday, we had guest speakers.

On Thursday, we had Scott McNealy, Chariman of Sun Microsystems addressing the folks at Queen's University. He was here for the inaguration of the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory . He started his presentation with some humor. He listed 10 things he could do these days as he was no more the CEO !.

He spoke passionately about the mission of SUN - To realize a cause, and that is to eliminate the digital divide. It is a dream to have a PC on everybody's desk. The strategy is quite different from other companies...It is about community development. He went on to state that the 'S' is not for Scott or Sun, but it about "share."
Scott loves Ice Hockey and it was great to see the Principal of the Queen's University gift him a personalized Ice-Hockey Shirt that had the No "1" and his name on it. Scott simply loved it !

On Friday, we had a presentation by Jason Moscovitz, a former Ottawa-based, chief political news correspondent with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and currently Vice President of Public Affairs at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). He gave us some useful tips on "Why Great Presentations are good conversations".

We have our Financial Accounting exam on Monday and one can see mixed faces. A few of my classmates who have made up their mind to get into Finance have worked out numerous problems from different sources and are all set for the battle. The remaining folks don't like working out the numbers and are having a hard time matching the balance sheet, creating an income summary and calculating the amortization, lease etc. !

A classmate of ours sensed that folks needed a study break. So, he organized a Bar-B-Q at his place today. Great! The folks had come with their families and it was great to see everyone in a relaxed state (atleast for a few hours). Here are a few pics of the Study Break-Bar-B-Q


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