Sunday, June 11, 2006

The last week was hectic.We had presentations, class facilitation and assignments. There was an exam too. I was tired at the end of the week.

I asked a senior from the previous batch if things were going to be like this for the rest of the year too. He had a smile on his face and said that things could get worse if I didn't prioritze and plan things. Phew ! Time Management is the key to managing things here and I need to get good at this that art.

BTW,I took my first MBA exam. To be honest, I was a bit tensed before the exam.I was giving an academic exam again after 6 years and it felt odd preparing for it. How did I do it ? Don't ask me ! I am happy that it is over.One of the questions was to read a newspaper article and comment on it. !

Saturday night was fun. I came back to the Graduate residence after a 5 hr long team meeting only to realize that the desi(Indian) gang at the Grad Res had organized a pot luck dinner.I wanted a break fromt the meetings and assignment and I joined the folks.It felt good knowing the other Indians here.Most of the folks are doing their Masters in the University here and a handful of them are working to get their bachelors degree in Engg. We ate some great food, played some games and got to know each other better.

Herez a pic of the folks whom I met. It felt good to meet a new set of folks.

BTW,An engg classmate of mine is coming to Ottawa from US tommorow and he will drive down to Kingston to meet me. I am meeting this pal after a long time. It'll be nice to see how much he has changed over the years.

Biz Statistics Exam this week.Trying to figure certain stuff out.Wish me luck.!


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