Saturday, June 03, 2006

Go Canoe

Classes, assignments, discussions, analyzing cases take the most of our time!
A few of us get stressed out. Others don’t exercise. Hence, the ‘Fit to Lead’ program at Queen’s.

We had limited time in hand. So, as a part of the "Fit to Lead" program, the Class opted for a Canoe Trip.We zeroed in on a day after checking our calendars only to realize that it was not the perfect weather for an outdoor trip.It was raining, it was breezy, it was cold! But that did not dampen our spirits.We had a 40 minute bus ride after which we hit the lake. Ryan, our 'Fit to Lead' coordinator had arranged everything for us.

After a sumptuous lunch (we even carried some cookies to the canoe),we hopped into our canoes and started paddling... It was fun. It was distressing.Paddling through the cool calm lake was a beautiful and wonderful experience. A few of us were beginners and experienced a few canoes tumbling into the water!

In the evening, we had the Point 4. Almost 80% of the class was there for the evening. We celeberated a few Birthdays. There was a burger eating challenge in which a guy ate a BIG burger with french fries etc under 7 minutes !!


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