Monday, May 29, 2006

Candid Confession

It is a challenge for me to get used to the Canadian system of education. I am returning to books after 6 yrs and am finding it tough. In addition to that, there is a sudden shift from the Indian education system that I was used to. This change process is not as smooth as I had thought it to be. The sooner I adopt and embrace the change, the better it will be for me.

The key here is not to get psyched. Keeping cool is really important. Deadlines, Expectations rise and if one thinks a li’l bit about the consequences or things at stake, one just tends to build pressure around self. Self talking, motivating self is the key here.

Yesterday night, I did take some time out to call my folks back home in India. It felt great talking to them. I had been wanting to call them for a long time but the assignments left no time for anything else.

I somehow get a feeling that I am running at my maximum output. Is that productive output? Is that the best way to approach this situation? I am still trying to figure out what works and what does not work for me?

BTW,Venu,a classmate of mine has shared a few words of wisdom given by Chander Dutta on Entrepreneur spirit. ( From the Kingston Ventures Tour)
C. Dutta started CANCOIL in 1983. He is Mechanical Engineer with and MBA

  • Difference between working in big business and as an entreprenuer .
    Big business-> good vision but lack of spirit.
    In entrepreneurship -> lacks business acumen but full of spirit.
  • While Entrepreneur chases his dreams, business professionals chase others dreams
  • If you are working for a company and wants be an entrepreneur, you have to unlearn corporate ways of doing things and relearn doing in entrepreneurial way.
  • Entrepreneurs survive on low moment of inertia
  • To be successful entrepreneur , one has to have high level of self confidence, and get a lot of support from family.
  • Always think positive, the best way to drown is to stop swimming. So keep swimming till the end.
  • Be yourself but change yourself according to surroundings.
  • Remember that there is nothing like working hard. You either work or don't..
  • Stress is a symptom of fear of failure. So, if you are getting stressed, remember this line.
  • Worry accomplishes nothing
  • An Entrepreneur
    -is driven by ethical greed
    - has spirit to persist and is patient for results
    - should have strong moral support from his family
    - is a smart fool.
  • Knowledge comes in the way of entrepreneurs. As one grows more experienced and informed he/she tends to rely less on gut feel and more on experience.You make decision based on confidence.
  • Adapting to culture: You should become a part of where you have chosen to be. Expand your learning. Cultivate relationships. Package yourself according to the situation.
  • Remember, stick to the good old factors of product differentiation: Product, Price, Quality and relationship


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