Monday, May 29, 2006

The best "over all" experience

A recent Queen's-commissioned Environics poll of 400 Canadian business leaders shows that 78 % would choose a candidate with an MBA over one without an MBA if other factors were equal.
"Every few years a chorus on the sidelines seems to pipe up and question the value of an MBA, so we put the question directly to those that really matter - business leaders," said David Saunders, Dean of Queen's School of Business and Chair of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans. "When you ask Canadian executives about who they prefer to recruit, their answer is loud and clear: 'we'll take the MBA.'"

Here's some other findings the extensive poll uncovered:
*Queen's ranks first in providing students the "best overall experience," and Queen's shares top spot for "best full-time MBA program in Canada."

*While U.S. business schools are often touted as the gold standard of business education, three quarters (76 per cent) of senior executives believe Canadian business schools are "just as good" as US schools.


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