Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Challenges for Infosys

Yale Global Online has an interview with NRN.You can read the entire news here but what caught my attention was this question the Challenges for Infosys.

Here is the summary:

1.Move up the value chain.
We have to enhance per capita productivity.NRN believes that just as the per capita GDP is a good index of the development of a nation, per capita productivity is a good index of the growth of a corporation. So there is a need to enhance per capita productivity. To do that Companies need to become more and more relevant to the customers’ businesses and need tp have greater and greater impact on that – which means providing more and more end-to-end business solutions.innovative technology.In other words, they need to do more consulting, more business assistance integration, etc.

Companies need to handle scalability, scalability in terms of the number of customers, scalability in terms of the number of employees, scalability in terms of physical infrastructure, technological infrastructure, etc. For example , Infosys today, has about 52,000 employees,55,000 known networks. It needs to train about 20,000 people in a year. It has recruited 300 students, people from the colleges in the US.It is taking them for a nine-month long training program. It’s the first time in the history of India that a set of 300 employees who will work in the US are going to India for a training of nine months. So scalability is another challenge.

3.Diversity: The ability to work in multicultural teams is another important challenge.

4.Better Infrastructure:Need to create better infrastructure in the cities, because that’s where all our operations are.

5.Enhance our brand equity,because we have to get to more and more get hundreds-of millions-dollar projects, maybe a billion dollars or more for outsourcing projects, etc.


At 7:49 AM, Blogger Thoughtcurry said...

TCS is also pushing big on consulting. I guess all the Indian biggies want to move up the value chain. Lets wait and watch what happens. I think there will be customer resistance in accepting these companies doing consulting.


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