Thursday, June 29, 2006

Team 107 is the winner of the Queen's School of Business Apprentice show!

This was a part of the Management accounting assignment (Didn't I tell you earlier that the Prof was a consultant at BCG!). The teams were asked to analyze the Agnes Ethrington Art Center that had numerous paintings and had a lot of fixed assets but was short on the liquid cash. The teams were suggested to understand thae situation and make a presentation to a panel of 3 judges (that included the art director).We were asked to suggest an event that can bring in some revenue and at the same time add some value to the art center. The team that won ( Team 107) had the theme “Retro Cocktail with Swing Dancing” . Our team had a "Murder mystery dinner theater" theme.

The teams were asked to think of creative ways to expand revenue from special events at the Art center. It was required that the theme had wide appeal and corresponded with the AEAC’s mission and standing. The teams had to provide the break-even number of participants, expected net income from the event and build a spreadsheet model to perform a sensitivity analysis. We were also supposed to provide whether the Art Center hould appoint a full-time special events co-ordinator. The teams also talked about the Balanced Scorecard framework and built a comprehensive strategy map for the Art center

The idea that was developed by the MBA students will be implemented by the Commer Ungergraduates later this year. It was a treat to watch the teams at their "consulting" best. There was creativity. There were fresh ideas. There were excellent presentations.

What stood out was an idea that was simple, feasible, attractive and could make money.
Congrats Team 107 ! Rock on !


At 3:24 AM, Blogger Vinod Achanta said...

Dude !
First of all ! Congratulations on entry to queens and I can see lots of learning happening through your blog.It feels nice to see your blogs everyday to carry a lot of learning.
Especially the one with the Idea of increasing revenue for Art Center.I think I have a great learning from this to practically implement in my team.
Vinod ,Hyd

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