Friday, June 23, 2006

Getting better at it.

We had the Management accounting presentation by the teams yesterday. The assignment was to prepare a 10 page report on one topic (Forensic accounting,The theory of constraints,The failure of management controls at Enron,Real options theory,Predatory pricing,Open book managementThe theory of constraints,XBRL) and then get the class to read your report.

The teams were given 6 minutes presentation time to advertise their reports. And the teams did a fabulous job at it. There were skits,video,stories, experiences added to the rich content of the material that urged people to go ahead and read a report.

It will be a tough decision for the professor and the teams to figure out which was the best one. What brings joy to me is that the standard of presentations in the class have become very high.
That is challenging and yet fun. You have to keep the audience involved, drive home the point and make sure the audience understands.!


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