Saturday, January 15, 2005


Now,what exactly do I conclude from this.
That the adcom found guyz better than me or the adcom expects to find guyz better than me in the second round.

Makes me feel like those Indian cricketers who are named in the 14 member squad for a series but never get a chance to play and then finally get dropped.!

Had this been the second round, the wait would have been ok.
But now...itz a 2 months wait.A painful wait.

There are a few who have told me that itz almost over.
"Get practical and carry on with life". But nah, yeh dil hai ki manta nahin.Hope Floats !

I will do whatever I can to improve my chances.
I don't think there'll be any who will prefer other institutes over ISB.Atleast not in the R1 folks. And I can't expect ISB to increase its intake.

So what do I do? Try my best, make the correct moves and hope that the 'Waitlisted' stautus disappears.

The 'Waitlist' tags does not help. I feel I have been dinged !
Anyway, herez a quote to make one feel better if has been Wailtisted!

God answers prayers in 3 ways...
He says YES and gives u what u want....
He says NO and gives u somethin better....
He says WAIT and gives u the best...!!


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, Keep your chin up. There are ways to tackle the waitlist. Perseverance is the key - keep talking to the AdCom. and I am sure you would get in.

FYI - am a R2 applicant.

At 8:07 AM, Blogger swarna said...

As a fellow TCSer and co blogger I got an oppotunity to fairly assess U.My only advice for you is "Retake GMAT".If U can beat ,U r 100 % in.I guess U have already started in that diection.

At 4:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have the right attitude MIB. If u get it, u are lucky. If u don't, ISB isn't that lucky enough.

Cheer up,
Made for ISB Version 2


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