Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some random notes from the last few discussions at the MBA program

Career Challenges
* Getting a job
* Managing Transitions
* Understanding yourself, needs
* Understanding your jobs and context
* Understanding your boss
* Saying NO - selectively in involvement
* Leaving
* Losing a mentor
* Work Life Issues

Self Monitoring refers to a person's willingness and ability to be attentive to social and interpersonal situational cues - Synder and Gangestad

Everyone must learn this lesson somewhere - that it costs something to be what you are - Shirly Abbot

Key lessons for personal leadership
- It is critical to understand our values, beliefs and assumptions
- Your strength can become weakness in new and changing situations
- Know your limits
- Ask for help
- Listen to ourselves and others
- Learn to be observant, learn to "See"

Managing Up
- Bosses
- Mentors

Relationships at Work
- Corrosiveness and Incivility
- Trust

Managing Down- Performance Management
- Motivation
- Feedback



At 2:21 AM, Blogger Neo said...

i loved the quote Shirly Abbot.

so ur mba is nearing completion.
where are u headed now?


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