Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to Write a Book

In the last few days of the MBA program, I often wondered that it would be great if somebody wrote a book on the experiences of an Indian in an International MBA program. There are surprises, challenges, hurdles and there are mixed experiences. The book could start from how one calculates the risk, uncertainties involved in going abroad and then dares to follow his or her dream.

I don't have the time now, but some day I will take a few months off and if there is some publisher who interested,I will write a book (this post is perhaps to remind myself of that!).

Of course, if there can be books about life at IIT, IIM, there can be a book about this subject too. Life in an international school is a different experience and am sure, folks would want to read the stuff that runs through our mind.

For now, I don't have the time, but I found an interesting link that I felt I could save for future reference. It is titled "How to write a Book in 60 Days"



At 11:42 AM, Anonymous trakin said...

You should start a series of Blog posts instead of a book. That will reach many more people and you can write it in installments at your leisure. At the end you could compile all the posts together and make a ebook aout of it. You should really go for it...it is a nice idea...

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Bresslau said...

I agree, you surely don't need a publisher to write a book. First, you can be your own publisher. Second, there are so many new ways to publish anything nowadays.
I'll take 3 months of Queen's MBA in the winter, so I stumbled on your blog looking for blogs from MBA students, so that I can get a feel of life in Kingston i nthe meantime.


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