Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shaken Not Stirred

Sometime last year the civility group in Canada had conducted a etiquette session for us. Karen Mallett from the company spoke to us on how to create lasting impressions, gave input for details of dining, and briefed us on mannerful meals. She also had a small test for us called the “Social Quotient Test”. I am in India and was organizing the text and material that was provided at the school last year. Saw this SQ test. Give it a shot.(Answers below)

1. The difference between continental and American style dining is
2. When do you place your napkin on your lap?
3. You may butter your roll or bread while holding it flat in your hand ( True/False)
4. Your bread plate is the one of the left or the right
5. When you are the guest of honour and the toast is to you, you do not take a drink or make a toast to yourself (True/False)
6. Between bites or spoonfuls, where should utensils be placed?
7. Can I send an email as a thank you after a lunch meeting?
8. Should a man or a woman initiate a business handshake?
9. How long does a person have to return business phone calls?
10. If invited to a function where I will not know anyone except the guest of honour, whom am I allowed to bring?
11. At a business lunch, who should pay the bill?
12. When I am wearing a nametag it should be on my right lapel (True/False)
13. A good hand shake maintains hand contact until an introduction is complete (True/ False)
14. How would you introduce your boss to your at a work related event?
15. What do you do if you forgot someone's name when you are being introduced?
16. If a colleague approaches your table, stopping for a conversation, are you obligated to introduce them to everyone at the table?
17. During office hours, it is appropriate to address all coworkers, regardless of their rank, by the first name
18. When you voicemail coworkers located in the same building, it is not necessary to leave your name
19. Business casual means a man's shirt should have a collar
20. During office hours, it is appropriate to address all coworkers, regardless of their rank, by the first name

1. American style the knife is used only for cutting and held in the right hand for right hand people.
2. When your food arrives
3. False
4. Left
5. False. (Raising a toast means one need to make 3 statements)
6. The entire utensil should be placed on an under plate or service plate
7. The hand written note is always the best option
8. Whoever invited the guests should initiate handshakes
9. Each person needs to establish their returning calls policy
10. No one, unless the invitation explicitly states "and guest"
11. The person who did the inviting should pay the bill ( you could say "Bill is taken care of")
12. True
13. False
14. Mr/Ms Boss, I'd like you to meet my spouse
15. Apologize and ask them what their name is
16. No , you just need to say Hello and speak to them yourself
17. False
18. False
19. True
20. False



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