Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Your Online Identities

I read this article now. If you stop for a second and think, you'll realize that there are a lot of places where we leave our trails. A few popular ones..

-My Space
-Second Life
-Chats ( Google,MSN,Yahoo,Skype)

Here was an interesting comment in the article:
"With my calendar, my location, my friendships and my opinions all online to be read and remembered, there's little of me left to expose. Perhaps it's time to set up my own streaming video channel on and broadcast my life to the world. " The article goes on to say that that a recent finding from NSPCC concludes that over half of children have had an 'unwanted experience' online .

The definition of privacy is changing.The children are getting hooked to their online identity.It will be interesting to see if the new identify on the web takes over the one in reality.

A classmate of mine sent an email stating that there was a party in Toronto organized by one of his friends. The ad was impressive. It talked about the DJs,Live Music,Photo Booth and Live Art. Towards the end it had an interesting tag line.
"Get off Facebook. Come Dance" !! :)



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Have to check all the links in the sidebar! You have some great stuff there!


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