Saturday, June 09, 2007

Visit India. Experience India. Vote for Taj

Some two interesting articles here and here
Taj still top draw for foreign tourists:

Why would a foreigner visit India?
A Gallup Survey noted 67% travelers mentioned Taj as the most popular attraction of India.Other choices are Goa and Jaipur.The prime attraction in visiting India is sightseeing, followed by cultural events and shopping.

And what do people say about India?
The survey claims that for recent travellers, the India experience has indeed been "incredible". About 97% of them mentioned that their experience met or exceeded expectations and highlights were warm and friendly people (50%), cultural diversity (46%) and plenty to see and do (45%)

What kind of foreigners visit India?
India seems to be attracting visitors who are at the top end of the socio-economic pyramid. More than half of the recent travellers interviewed spent over $3,000 during their stay, including the cost of accommodation and air tickets.Worldwide interest is around 7%. Other Asian countries that have world wide interest are Thailand (37%), Mainland China (31%) and Japan (31%).

What are the obstacles?
The awareness about India is pimarily through word-of-mouth.About 1% of travellers come through the tourism ministry's website. For those who are not keen on traveling to India,the main reasons were safety and hygiene issues or disinterest in what India had to offer.

You can vote for the Taj Mahal to be a wonder of the world here.



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