Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spidey 03- A different Strategy

One of the case studies in the Project Management Elective was the Pacific Coast Studios.We discussed the pros and cons of the PCS as it focussed on some BIG films and used the money generated from this movie to fund more films or recover losses. We identified risks in this strategy and discussed how the company could control it better.As I watched Spider-Man 03 last week, I was thinking about this case.:)

Usually, one would expect a Hollywood film to be released first in the United States. But this time Sony Pictures followed a different strategy. They released the movie in international market. Yeah, that is actually the trend.Recognizing the importance of the overseas market, Sony launched "Spider-Man 3" in Tokyo on April 16 and launched the movie in Japan on May 1, three days ahead of its U.S. release. The strategy has worked well for Sony.

BIG movies like Spider-Man 03 are called the "tent pole" movies.A tent pole movie is one that serves as a primary support and compensates for a studio’s flop or generates money for future productions.And I assume Sony wanted to maximize this strategy. Spidey 1 and 2 had done very well and with even better marketing budget and special effects this time, the folks behind the movie felt that they could could control the risks.

Spidey 03 has not been getting great reviews in the North American Market.But are the producers really concerned about this ? Not exactly ! The international market is liking the movie a lot.

This report goes to show that Spidey 3 could be India's biggest hit in 2007. The movie is even being dubbed in different Indian Languages."In India,Sony Pictures has released 588 prints of the movie in the country -- 261 in Hindi, 162 in English, 78 in Tamil, 81 in Telugu and 6 in Bhojpuri -- the maximum number of prints for any foreign movie"!!

The same trend is being observed for the Bollywood Market also. The bollywood movies are getting better response in the International Market where a huge population base exists. This is very interesting.! Watch out for the desi versions of Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean hitting your local theaters . You might get to see the movie in your local language even before your American friends get a chance to see it!Have the tables turned? Perhaps ! :)



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