Thursday, May 03, 2007

Top MBA Employers

This article was up just a few hours ago and it had to catch my attention. CNN Money lists the top MBA employers. Google tops the list and even beats even McKinsey in the race.

The Top 10
2 McKinsey & Company
3 Goldman Sachs
4 Bain & Company
5 Boston Consulting Group
6 Apple
7 Microsoft
8 General Electric
9 Nike
10 Bank of America

The complete list can be found here

What are the few key things MBAs want at their work place?

-Freedom ( Innovation element that scores high at Google)
-Good Work Life balance
-Competetive Compensation
-Good Career Reference ( Prestigious Company name does not matter amuch)
-Leadership Rotational Programs ( Easily one of the favorites here at every school)

More here

Places to work in the US:
-New York
-San Francisco
-San Diego
-Washington D.C.

Places to work - InternationalLondon
-Hong Kong

You can find all the details here



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