Thursday, April 26, 2007

Recruiters' Top 10 Complaints

A nice article in BWeek that explains what irritates the recruiter when they interview MBA grads.

1. Follow Interview Etiquette
2. Keep Your Answers Short and to the Point
Try to keep your answers under a minute if possible. This gives the interviewer a chance to consider whether they want to ask the candidate to elaborate on the answer. "If the interviewer wants more details, they will ask for it," Sullivan says.
3. It's Okay to Be Clueless
4. Avoid Clichés.
5. Keep Negativity Out of the Conversation
6. Always Have Questions Prepared
Students should walk into the interview with a list of thoughtful questions that take advantage of the recruiter's knowledge of the company, Sullivan says. He recommends avoiding questions that can easily be answered by looking at the company's Web site, such as whether the company has a Boston office. "You should have three or four really good and insightful questions that show self-awareness that you are in front of someone who is pretty senior," Sullivan says.
7. Keep Your Ego in Check
8. Don't Walk in Unprepared
Students should conduct Internet searches on the recruiter and try to find out anything they can about them from contacts they have at the recruiter's company. People who work at the company or spent a summer internship there can also prove to be valuable resources, notes Thanasoulis
9. Don't Talk in Absolutes
Students should avoid the temptation to tell a recruiter that their firm is the candidate's No.1 choice
10. Never Bring Up Salary



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