Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cricket in Canada

On a bright sunny Sunday morning, the folks in our class decided to play Cricket.
There were two challenges for us. First, get the logistics right and second explain the rules of the game to the folks. But the smarties we have in our class, it just took a few minutes before the folks staraed hitting sixes all over the ground in a true baseball style.

The rules of the game were changed. It didn't matter who won or lost?
What mattered was that we all had a lot of fun and had a good time !
Some pics from the game

Hong Kong's Virendra Sehwag ?

Waiting for the ball to come !

A replacement for Harbhajan Singh ?

A shot for the camera.

The Cricket Team

The Enthusiastic Audience

Trying to bowl a yorker?

Catch me if you can !

Ouch ! Is that a bouncer?

This is easy ! It is like base ball!

Teach me the secrets of the game.



At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Latest MBA News said...

You guys really enjoyed a lot. you remind me about my childhood. i miss it so much. Thank you.


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