Monday, December 26, 2005

Pratibimb - Mission Accomplished !

Pratibimb 2005-The school reunion finally happened ! Our first Reunion was a huge success.There were hugs, there was laughter... and tears too.

Fun and gaiety marked Pratibimb 2005, the first Reunion of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket (Secunderabad) Alumni Association held on 24th December 2005 at the school premises. The event was made memorable by the fact it was the first reunion organised since the inception of the school 41 years ago.

Nostalgia was the overarching emotion of the day and bear hugs and laughter was the most common sight. The event was well attended with the presence of more than 150 former students right from the 1968 batch to the recent pass-outs from the 2005 batch. The presence of former principals like Mr.K.P.Mehta, Mr.B.M.Dutta and Mr.Satyanarayana and other senior teachers made the event worthwhile for all those who participated.

Release of pigeons and 42 balloons signalled the inauguration of the event. The introductory remarks were given by Mr.V.Bhaskar, IAS, President of the KV Picket Alumni Association. He mentioned a previous attempt made by the Picket alumni to establish an alumni association in 1980 and wished this second venture success. The highlight of the Reunion was former principals, teachers and alumni recounting anecdotes from their days spent at KV Picket. Senior teachers, some of them with choked voices, recalled their association with the school and the successive batches they taught.

Quite interestingly it was the 1976 batch, which had maximum representation at the meet. There was a dinner at the Gun Rock Gardens where we saw the Alums of all shapes,sizes and age dancing to the foot tapping music of the DJ.

As I write this blog...I just can't forget that evening. The more I think about it ..the more I reflect on the past, the evening of 24th December looks even more memorable.!

There were some moments of Pratibimb 2005 that I'll cherish for life. I'd like to call them the 'Magic moments' . So, here goes my list of the 15 best MAGIC Moments of PRATIBIMB 2005.

15. Ex Picketians, lining up like little kids for the group photograph as per Biswajit’s instructions !
(Boy, I looked like a person who was in total control ;) )

14. The balloons and pigeon release by the alums and teachers!

13. The batch of 1996 -that made sure they wore the Picket T-Shirts as soon as they received it at the registration desk.

12.The sixteen year old son of Mr Kumar Krishanmoorthy (1968 batch),who came all the way from Canada , just to find out where his father did his schooling.

11.Harini's rendition of Nigahen Milane Ko Jee Chahta Ha.
( Am sure you folks must have noticed the eyebrow movements!)

10. Salil Bhai (the School Captain -1993), drinking spirit along with the juniors and that too without the team PRATIBIMB!...Now, where was the team spirit?

9. The relaxed Maheep, after the day event, shaking his leg at the dance floor.
(The Urban Planner is definitely a better dancer than Sunny Deol !)

8. A Picketian (Ajay?), dressed as Santa Claus, distributing chocolates to the little kids.

7. The Loud (or drunk ?) Amaranth (XII-96) speaking, shouting on the stage…and thus ensuring that everyone was on the dance floor!

6. The bubbly yet mature Neha Saxena (XII-01)making the same statement she made 5 years ago at the stage 'Madame Baljeet Kaur is my idol'.

5.The ladies from the 1976 batch (Kulwant,Suchitra etc) dancing with the batch of 2000s to the tunes of 'Dus Bahane' !!

4.Mr. Mahesh Murthy talking about the 3 lessons that he learnt at Picket.

3.The youthfulness of the batch of 1976
(The whistles and noise made by the batch of 1976 was a sight that brought a smile to everybody’s face .As someone from the 1976 batch said “If the 60s were the batch of intellectuals, the 70s were the batch that had the most notorious folks"

2.Mr R.A Krishna (1968 batch) and Deepa (2001) sitting at the registration counter and ensuring that the Picketians spot registrations are done smoothly.

1.Tears of joy rolling out of Ms Baljeet Kaur’s cheeks when she addressed the alumni association gathering.!

Great mood. Great feeling. Great day.KV Picket, we are proud to be a part of you.!
As Rumana(XII-1993) said "You can take a Picketian out of Picket, but never take Picket out of a Picketian""


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Hi Indian Blogger...
Seems you enjoyed it to the fullest.. Your posting gave me a varacious feeling. Do keep posting such ones... Good luck to your Alumini...:-)


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