Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sachin Tendulkar- The GOD !

My dear Sachin,

Congratulations!! I join the entire nation in congratulating you, the GOD of Indian cricket, for your 35th Test Century .You surpassed our very own Sunil Gavaskar’s record to register the most number of centuries in Test cricket and we are proud that it is an Indian and especially you. who broke the record.

I am very happy and excited today.As I celebrate your success, I am reminded of the year 1989.I was 10 yrs old then and had been to a birthday party. An Indo-Pak match was going on. The bade bhaiyas (elder brothers), the uncles were watching a match with great interest .I too joined them. They were talking about the increasing run rate. And just then, I saw you, a young boy who was a few years elder to me take charge. The treatment you gave that day to the leg spinner Abdul Qadir, who was hit for four sixes in an over that went for 27 runs was simply magical.
Today, when I think about it, I don't remember the details of the birthday party. But I very much remember the way you played .‘The Sachin Tendulkar phenomenon’ had just started gripping the nation then.

Sachin, you have always fascinated the nation. From the maid at home to the autowallahs who dropped me to school, from my little younger sister to my grand mother you just seem to be in everyone’s mind.

People seem to love you for a variety of reason. Budding cricketers worship you for your batting technique; the celebrities admire you for your modesty. The corporate world notices your honesty and the others just love you for what you are.

There was Azharuddin, the wristy player. There is Dravid, the wall. There is Saurav, the determined champ and then there is Veeru, the master blaster. But you still remain the favorite. When you scored a century today, you once again proved what we have always believed in – If Cricket is a religion in India, Sachin is the GOD.

Sachin, your poor scores in a game or two don’t affect us much. Most of us admire you now for Sachin, the person. The kind of status you enjoy in India, you can do anything. A buddy of yours also enjoyed the same status but then he fell into the ‘maya jaal’ and ruined his career. Taking control of one's life is a tough thing and you always seem to handle everything with great ease.

The whole of India applauded your effort when during the 1999 world cup, in spite of losing your father, you scored a century and paid a fitting tribute to your father.

The media is known for making a man hero overnight and ridiculing him the next day. They talked about your BMW car issue. They talked about your injuries. They questioned your cricketing future. You never spoke a word. You have always let your performance do the talking.

Sachin, we believe you have at least 4-5 yrs of cricketing career left in you. I am sure with this performance; the expectations have gone up again. After scoring a century today, you told your team mates that you want India to win the World Cup this time. We pray that this happens.

A hope for millions of us, Sachin, you are a symbol of trust, faith, discipline and determination. You are a God and we worship you.

On this historic day, we congratulate you!!
You are not just the best…..You are the bestest!!


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Metal said...

I hear you dude.

My wishes too to the GOD of cricket. rock!

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Shrutkeerti Khurana said...

thanks a ton indian blogger :)

i see sachin has made your day ;-)

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous siva said...

u r true, sachin is the symbol of trust , faith and ambition for all the indians, he is a living inspiration.


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