Friday, December 02, 2005

Queen’s students make record donation to university

(Historic Grant Hall was built with student-raised funds)

Queen's University undergraduate students officially agreed December 1 to donate $25.5 million to their institution, believed to be the largest-ever single philanthropic donation by Canadian post-secondary students.
At a special gathering on campus this morning, Ethan Rabidoux, President of the Alma Mater Society, signed an agreement with the university to donate $25.5 million to be collected from students over a 15-year-period.
The donation is being made to the Queen's Centre, a unique $230-million facility for student life, athletics, academics and recreation, as well as a new home for the School of Physical and Health Education. It is to be built in phases over the next 10 years and is the largest construction project ever undertaken by the university.
"We're very grateful to have this level of enthusiastic support from our students," said George Hood, Vice-Principal (Advancement). "It speaks to their long-term commitment to their university, that they are thinking about the students who come after them. Everyone has heard of the famous Queen's spirit and this is that spirit in action."
"Our students are investing in the future of their institution and in their colleagues-to-be," said Janice Deakin, acting Associate Vice-Principal and Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the School of Physical Health and Education. "They should be applauded for their forward thinking commitment to a quality learning environment."
Earlier this year, students voted 71 per cent in support of an annual fee per student that would raise the $25.5 million over a 15-year period. For the first five years, each student will contribute $71 per year. That amount will rise for the remaining 10 years, with each student contributing $141 per year.
In addition to the $25.5-million student contribution, the $230 million includes about $130 million to be raised through private contributions and $62 million in debt financing.
The oldest student association in Canada, the Alma Mater Society has been the central student organization at Queen's since its founding in 1858. It is the governing body for undergraduate students.
This latest gift is in keeping with a long-standing tradition of capital projects being built on student efforts and student dollars. This includes Grant Hall, one of the campus' most historic buildings

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